We’re sometimes referred to as social impact and communications strategists, strategic leadership advisors, or visibility experts.

Fancy words for an organisation, led by Julia May and Sarah Anderson, that works at the intersection of leadership, strategy and communications to help you unleash the potential within. So you, or your organisation, can create impact where it really matters, from wherever you are.

Our three-pillared framework is proven to maximise influence and impact for individuals, organisations and movements.

Visibility for vanity is not what the world needs. Visibility for impact and influence is.

Impact Snapshot

We’ve helped clients ignite global social movements, triple their revenue, get published in the New York Times, transform organisational culture and create life-changing shifts at work and at home.

Over the years, we have:

What you do today will define tomorrow.

Procrastination is the handbrake of progress. It’s time to reignite your leadership and reframe the future.

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Meet our founders

Meet our founders

Our Methodology

It all started with a powerful conversation beside a fire under the big night sky.

Our founders, Julia May and Sarah Anderson, who are best friends, next-door neighbours and mums of little ones, shared a passion for social justice and saw the need for a leadership revolution.

While their careers had intersected across international media, communications, strategy and leadership, that was the night they decided to join forces.

They developed a new strategic methodology – a three-pillared framework focusing on visibility for impact and influence.

The framework was put to the ultimate test when they joined the founding leadership team of Homeward Bound, a global leadership initiative for women in STEMM.

The methodology helped Homeward Bound reach nearly 1 billion people, be published in the New York Times, and attract some of the world’s most inspiring thinkers and leaders including Jane Goodall, Musimbi Kanyoro and Christiana Figueres.

Julia and Sarah soon found themselves leading the world’s largest all-women expeditions to Antarctica.

Amongst icebergs and orcas, they have coached and facilitated more than 350 leaders from around the world to become more influential and effective.

Visibility Co has grown to encompass a diverse group of experts with a common goal – to help other leaders create a better world.

We work within the system, around the system and against the system to catalyse change.

While we have the experience and skill to create impact across a wide range of industries and focus areas, these are the themes that we’re especially passionate about:

Impact-driven leadership

The why

Leadership that is courageous, self-aware and values-driven can and will create greater impact.

When leadership becomes a state of mind, you become a leader in every setting – at home, at work, everywhere.

The how

We work with progressive CEOs, emerging leaders, influencers and movement-makers to close the gap between their will and their ability to lead with purpose.

Instead of focusing solely on external visibility, we unlock the potential within by helping you craft your leadership identity, a clear vision, strategic communications and an actionable roadmap.

Gender equality

The why

If we want to achieve real gender equality, we need everyone to work together to disband the patriarchal constructs that are holding us all back.

If we only bring half the population along, we won’t get there.

The how

We work with both men and women across a diverse range of industries to tackle structural barriers, create allies and champion safety for all.

We do this by enhancing self-awareness, leadership and influencing skills, and supporting radical collaboration.

Using the three pillars of visibility, we empower individuals and teams to build influence and ignite systemic change.

Climate action and sustainability

The why

We are inextricably linked to the natural world. It is our greatest teacher.

Mother Nature is trying to get our attention and we are running out of time to bring the world back from the precipice.

Only mindful, future-focused and visible leadership can address the climate emergency and create a more sustainable world.

The how

We work with people across the system to align their beliefs with their leadership and take action wherever they are.

Our clients soon realise that profit doesn’t have to be at the expense of purpose and activism doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

We help organisations see that systems thinking and sustainability make for good strategic outcomes.

Holistic health

The why

As we’ve seen so clearly in 2020, for an individual or community to thrive they need their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health to be supported and connected.

If one area is compromised, the whole system is.

The how

We take an integrated view of health, working with health policy disruptors, researchers and progressive health providers who want to improve outcomes (and see the economic benefits of doing so).

Using our unique methodology, we empower them to tackle health inequities, collaborate, even in unconventional ways, and find new ways to make a difference.

Diversity and inclusion

The why

“Diversity is inviting everyone to the table. Inclusion is changing the menu.” - Musimbi Kanyoro

All human beings deserve equality.  

It is up to all of us to prioritise diversity and inclusion wherever we are.

This includes hearing the wisdom of First Nations peoples and the insights of other marginalised or vulnerable groups.

The how

We work with progressive CEOs, government agencies, values-driven businesses and national indigenous organisations to tackle inequality and create culturally safe environments.

We foster understanding and recommend practical measures for individuals and organisations to support diversity and inclusion.

Our methodology ignites social shifts for a more inclusive and diverse world.

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Julia May

Julia May

Co-Founder and Director

#strategicwayfinder #justiceseeker #surfer #mumoftwo

I co-founded Visibility Co because I believe that inside every person and organisation is a bigger vision and the potential for meaningful influence.

My career began in journalism, which included five years as a foreign correspondent for Fairfax and senior roles at global media companies including Reuters and The Times of London. Strategy, media, storytelling and social justice are second nature to me.

As a founding leader of Homeward Bound and former head of Compass, the national leadership program, I’ve coached and facilitated hundreds of people across government, corporate and non-profits and co-designed many strategies across leadership, organisations and communications.

I’m driven to help bring our world back from the precipice, for the future of my daughters, Orla and Esther, and their children. I see what’s possible when leaders are supported to look inwards and have access to the tools that enable them to take the best parts of what they find out into the world.

Six months after I delivered our first visibility program on board a ship in Antarctica (my own act of radical visible leadership), Visibility Co was launched. The global revolution in leadership is only just beginning.

The moment I discovered my potential for impact and influence…

At university I walked into a room of men singing a sexist song about women at the college where I lived.

Though I felt afraid and vulnerable, I stood up and called for change to the culture of the college.

The response from men, women and people from minority groups at the university was a powerful moment of validation and set the course for my career. It made me realise we all have a responsibility to help give a voice to people who feel they don’t have one.

Our clients describe me as…





Quick to laughter

My kids would describe me as...



The one with the snacks

Favourite quote:

“The words you speak become the house you live in.”

- Hafiz

My top four values are…




Making a difference

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Co-Founder and Director

#visionhatcher #creativesoul #yogi #singlemum

We all want to live with purpose – to find and pursue that thing that plants a fire in our belly and drives us to do and be more.

My purpose is to help others identify their own, then ripple that into bigger impact. I feel most in flow when eliciting vision and helping people see a strategic  pathway they couldn’t before.

Over twenty years, I’ve led international teams and transformations in some of the biggest corporate, government and non-profit organisations in the world, including CBRE in London, ANZ Bank and the Department of Justice in Australia.

Having spearheaded major change and communications initiatives in large organisations, I discovered perfect alignment between my skills and values as a founding leader of Homeward Bound, where I first delivered our visibility program to 76 women scientists… while breastfeeding.

When the initiative went viral globally, supported by my role as lead communications strategist, it affirmed the efficacy of our three-pillared framework and Visibility Co was launched.

Working with progressive global CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, vice-presidential nominees and key advisors to world leaders like Mary Robinson and Jacinda Ardern has been both exhilarating and life-affirming.

Mum to 5-year-old Louis, I am also trained in yoga, meditation and breathwork, sharing these mindful practices alongside traditional leadership and coaching methods.

The moment I discovered my potential for impact and influence…

Throughout my career I’ve witnessed women all over the world, including me, struggle for visibility.

When I joined forces with my then-mentor and boss, Amanda Gome, to launch the Notable Women program at ANZ, I saw how powerful visibility is at unlocking potential, even when other tools have failed.

We gave emerging women leaders the networks and skills to be visible leaders and successfully accelerated their influence within and outside of the bank.

I knew things could be done differently.

And I knew that I could create space for another way.

Our clients describe me as…




Down to earth


My son would describe me as...

Chief food magician



An overly enthusiastic singer

Favourite quote:

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

- Rumi

My top four values are…





Our HQ Team

Elicia Duczmal

Operations + Programs Manager

Elicia leads the smooth operation of day-to-day life at Visibility Co and manages client services and programs. Fifteen years as an executive assistant, operations manager and project lead has equipped Elicia with management skills across stakeholder relationships, business operations and complex logistics.

Before joining our ranks, Elicia managed more than 80 high-level projects across the government, corporate and education sectors. She is renowned for her warmth, responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to come up with creative and lateral solutions.

Elicia is passionate about supporting women to lead with impact. Her top values are honesty, fairness, integrity, trust and reliability.

Anna Delaney

Associate + Communications Lead

Anna is a digital marketing and communications expert with a genius for bringing together strategy and pragmatic implementation. She thrives on combining data and technology with creative storytelling to turn big ideas into meaningful results.

With more than 12 years' experience across a range of industries and sectors, Anna leads Visibility Co’s marketing and communications and provides trusted advice to our clients on all facets of their visibility.

Anna previously spent seven years in marketing at Myer, where she created the brand’s social media strategy and built its social media channels from the ground up. Anna’s top values are authenticity, compassion and optimism.

Kit Jackson

Strategy Associate

Kit has spent more than 25 years helping leaders and organisations around the world manage strategic change and is recognised as a global strategy execution expert.

She has served in senior leadership roles at Rexam PLC and TORI Global and is a managing partner of Strategy Together. Like Julia and Sarah, Kit is also a member of the founding leadership team for Homeward Bound.

Kit created the personal strategy map, a holistic tool for leaders to articulate and fulfil their aspirations across life and leadership. Kit also partners with us on strategy, culture and leadership programs around the world.

Our clients value Kit’s ability to facilitate courageous conversations for transformational change. Her top values are courage, conviction and compassion.

Paul Davies

Finance Lead

Paul has more than 17 years’ experience working in diverse industries across financial management, having supported a range of small and large organisations across Australia and internationally throughout his career.

Paul is Visibility Co's lead on all things finance, also running his own financial consulting practice providing financial analysis and coaching to owners and management, enabling clearer financial decisions and better business outcomes.

Isabelle Silbery

Strategic Partner + Program Mentor

Isabelle Silbery is a strategic partner and program mentor at Visibility Co. A social commentator, writer and impact investor, Isabelle is best-known for her work on Gogglebox Australia, where her drive to showcase multi-generational women’s voices has propelled her into the show’s 13th season internationally. Isabelle thrives on starting conversations that cut through societal norms, and inspiring others to do the same. As an investor in social impact projects she's driven by collaborative, purpose-driven thinking that leads to connection and social change. After a transformational personal experience with Visibility Co, where she developed the skills to use her voice and platform as a force for good, she teamed up with us to help take our programs and work out to a larger audience. Nothing lights Isabelle up more than a-ha moments for people as they realise their true potential and ability to accelerate positive change.  Her top values are true to self, connection and passion.

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