Research shows that organisations with a clearly-articulated purpose are significantly more profitable and have higher employee engagement and longevity.

If you want your organisation to wield influence and create positive change, you need leadership teams that are mindful, forward-thinking, constructive and invested in your bigger-picture goals. You need storytelling that can change hearts and minds, from your leaders and your brand.

Our methodology combines strategic advisory, leadership development, social impact and communication strategy, and large and small-scale visibility programs to create a future where purpose, profit, positive culture and social good can co-exist.

The world expects and deserves leaders with strategic skills and a social conscience.

The world is facing urgent challenges and unprecedented complexities. Businesses, non-profits and governments have a leadership role to play in effecting positive social change.

It’s impossible to tackle big issues when your organisation itself isn’t running smoothly.

Communication problems, lack of trust in leadership, underperforming teams and a silo mentality are roadblocks on the path to achieving your vision and creating the necessary systemic change.

If you want to create positive change in your team and organisation, it all starts with keystone individuals creating the necessary shifts.

We help clear the roadblocks by increasing the self-awareness, visibility, impact and strategic capabilities of your leaders and developing innovative organisational and communication strategies that support the whole system to thrive.

With the right roadmap you can build influence and contribute to the greater good, while elevating business outcomes.

Who should work with us?

  • Purpose-driven departments or organisations that need provocation or support eliciting their vision, purpose or values or leadership or communications priorities.
  • Executives ready to invest in and fully activate their own leadership capability or that of their teams.
  • Senior leaders and change-makers keen to raise their profile or find alignment between purpose and profit.
  • Organisations or businesses grappling with strategic direction, leadership, cultural problems, reputational issues or a low profile.
  • Executive teams or boards who want to build their internal visibility or public reputations to maximise influence and impact.
  • Departments nurturing the communication and leadership skills of the next generation of leaders.
  • Marketing or communications teams needing global expertise and a safe pair of hands on communications strategy, PR or public engagement campaigns.

High-potential or established leaders

Who want to fully articulate their  vision and gain the self-awareness, skills and mindset to activate it.

Emerging leaders

Who are ready to take the next step in their career but aren’t sure how.

CEOs and entrepreneurs

Who are managing diverse stakeholders and looking for new ways to deal with conflict.


Who want help affecting real social change.

Visible leaders

Who have an existing platform and want to use it more meaningfully.

Business owners, change-makers and decision-makers

Who want to explore new pathways to accelerate change.

A clear roadmap to organisational influence and impact

Our focus areas include:

Leadership activation strategy + capability-building

Support your executives and leaders to build greater visionary, strategic and visible leadership capability with tailored support and coaching. Get the ongoing guidance you need from global experts to create and bring a leadership strategy to life, including a practical, personalised 100-day action plan with clear goals broken down into manageable steps, plus individual visibility strategy and coaching on mindset, team management and skills-building.

Leadership development programs

Build the culture you want: enhance the mindful leadership and influencing capabilities of your executives or teams with tailored group programs. They’ll cultivate personal wellbeing and resilience, constructive behaviours, clear leadership purpose and vision, a strategic mindset, enhanced communication and influencing skills, and a personalised leadership strategy to build more cohesive, collaborative cultures.

Social impact and visibility strategy + advisory

Amplify your team or organisation’s approach to internal, national or global influence through social impact strategy, strategic communications and thought leadership advisory - always aligned with your organisational strategy.

Shift the conversation with powerful storytelling, media engagement or social media campaign strategy.

Our philosophy underpins everything we do.

Find out more about the three pillars of visibility and our simple but effective strategic framework.

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How can you work with us?

Strategy support and advisory

We will work with your leadership team or communications team to audit your existing purpose, vision or values, support strategic capability or develop a new communications or social impact strategy, then give guidance as you implement and evaluate them.

Read organisation case studies

Individual or group workshops and programs

We can work 1:1 with senior leaders or deliver custom in-house visibility and leadership programs, a series of workshops or a one-off event build the personal wellbeing, leadership and communication capabilities of individuals or teams.

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Our interactive talks will engage your audience with thought-provoking ideas, captivating stories, live experimentation and actionable learnings.

We will challenge preconceptions using humour, creativity and practical tools

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We are happy to chat about an alternative approach that is tailored to your specific circumstances and desired outcomes. You can also check out our upcoming events.

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We are also happy to chat about an alternative approach that is tailored to your specific circumstances and desired outcomes.

We love making it unique, as everyone is different.

For Individuals

Connect your will to be a more influential leader with your ability to make it happen.

Clarify your purpose, unlock your potential and amplify your impact.

Programs for individuals

For Movements

Gain the skills, mindset and social impact strategy to create a more more inclusive, fair and sustainable world.

It’s time for your movement to make a real difference.

Programs for Movements

“Our team of social impact leaders was expertly guided by Visibility Co through an afternoon of personal reflection on leadership.

Their engaging mix of compassion and candour challenged us to think about how our communication preferences influence our work and relationships, and encouraged us to use a suite of tools to support each other as leaders.

We left the session with a better understanding of how we can be more collaborative, constructive and influential as a group.

Visibility Co were a delight to work with, they pulled together our session with only a few days’ notice and were efficient and helpful through the entire process.

I highly recommend Visibility Co to support any organisation’s work around purpose, leadership, strategy and communications.”

Laura Cochrane

Manager, Strategic Giving, National Australia Bank

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