The systemic challenges facing women in STEMM mirrored those faced by women in government.

Insecure tenure; competitive, male-dominated environments and ingrained barriers to flexible working, raising a family and gaining promotion meant there was a global absence of senior women leaders in STEMM.

Homeward Bound sought to tackle this challenge, through its vision of creating a 1000-strong global network of women in STEMM, all equipped with a new model of leadership; one that is:

On that founding faculty were Visibility Co directors, Sarah Anderson and Julia May.

In the five years since Homeward Bound’s inception Sarah and Julia have co-created and stewarded its core strategy and communications strategy and founded the visibility stream of the program, which supports women with the will and skills to be strategically visible.

They have designed and led each program, with 11 months of each program delivered to up to 100 women virtually, and the last month occurring in-person, at sea: Sarah and Julia have led three Antarctic expeditions between them: coaching, facilitating up to 100 extraordinary women in STEMM on board a ship.

They have also recruited and led a global, multidisciplinary team of visibility experts who support the delivery of the program.

Julia and Sarah are committed to supporting Homeward Bound to reach its vision.

They have worked thousands of hours pro bono, collaborating with a global, transdisciplinary team and helping the initiative to contribute in every way it can to a new model of leadership.

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Since the inaugural voyage in 2016

There have been five subsequent programs, each one building on the last.

The program has attracted:


Women in countless scientific fields from the ages 21-70



Countries all over the globe

Visible Outcomes

The impacts for the women individually, their families, communities and workplaces have been profound and myriad, but some of the more visible outcomes include:

View the trailer to the documentary film released in 2020 about Homeward Bound’s first expedition, The Leadership, here

Homeward Bound photos by Oli Sansom

"Julia May and Sarah Anderson are unquestionably experts in their field.

They are also clever, tenacious, loving, insightful and courageous.

As friends, fellow voyagers and founding contributors to Homeward Bound, their wisdom and guidance has shaped the Visibility Stream of the initiative, the communication strategy of the organisation and, indeed, many aspects of my own journey.

Their care for people, both as facilitators and coaches, is meticulous.

Their contribution on global issues has helped frame countless conversations."

Fabian Dattner

Founder and CEO of Homeward Bound

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