You need a lot more than good intentions.

You need the leadership skills, strategic mindset and courage to create a tangible difference.

We want to look our children in the eyes and say, “We did everything we could to leave things in a better state for you.”

As social impact strategy advisors we will help you understand which part of the problem you can solve towards systemic change, for a more just and sustainable world.

We’ve helped to found and lead a global initiative, Homeward Bound, so have experienced the realities: the highs and the lows.

Our guidance on strategy, strategic communications and visibility programs helped the initiative reach over 1 billion people worldwide and attracted the support of luminaries like Jane Goodall, Christiana Figueres and Musimbi Kanyoro.

We are strategists and communicators with activists’ hearts. We live social impact leadership.

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Too many important voices are never heard.

A lot of social movements fail to make a real impact.

They have the right intentions and great ideas but they lack the leadership, strategy and platform to shift the dial and create systemic change.

A social movement is only as effective as its leaders. You need leaders who can manage their own wellbeing, articulate clear goals, build trust, tell compelling stories and unify people to strive towards a common goal.

That’s where we come in.

We use our expertise in authentic visibility to help movements articulate and achieve their vision.

We do this by building their leadership and communication skills and embedding a strategic mindset so they can lead from wherever they are.

Who should work with us?

  • New social movements that need strategy, investment in their leadership capabilities, or to build national or global influence.
  • Established social movements lacking impact and needing the tools, skills and mindset to build a community or make a tangible difference.
  • Movement-makers or activists needing support with leadership, strategy or visibility.

High-potential or established leaders

Who want to fully articulate their  vision and gain the self-awareness, skills and mindset to activate it.

Emerging leaders

Who are ready to take the next step in their career but aren’t sure how.

CEOs and entrepreneurs

Who are managing diverse stakeholders and looking for new ways to deal with conflict.


Who want help affecting real social change.

Visible leaders

Who have an existing platform and want to use it more meaningfully.

Business owners, change-makers and decision-makers

Who want to explore new pathways to accelerate change.

A clear roadmap to a more equitable and sustainable world

Our focus areas include:

Strategy audit + development

Articulate your or your movement’s purpose, values and vision in a powerful strategy map that is no longer than four pages.

If you’re tackling a large social issue, we will define the specific elements you’re targeting to reduce overwhelm, using a theory of change process.

Strategy implementation

Get the ongoing support you need to bring your movement strategy to life including a practical 100-day action plan with clear goals and priorities broken down into manageable steps.

Leadership development

Build the leadership and influencing capabilities of you and your team with a program to cultivate a strategic mindset; constructive, mindful leadership, and communications capabilities.

Visibility strategy + advisory

Amplify your visibility to build local, national or global influence. Shift the conversation with powerful storytelling, media engagement or social media campaign strategy.

Our philosophy underpins everything we do.

Find out more about the three pillars of visibility and our simple but effective strategic framework.

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How can you work with us?

Organisational strategy audit, development and implementation

We can work with you and your team to develop a new social impact strategy then support you to implement and evaluate it.

Read social movements case studies

Strategy health check

We can work with your and your leadership team to analyse your existing organisational or communications strategy and challenge its effectiveness.

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Individual or group workshops and programs

We can deliver a custom in-house visibility program, series of workshops or one-off workshop to build the leadership and communication capabilities of you, your team and your movement.

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Our interactive talks will engage your audience with thought-provoking ideas, captivating stories, live experimentation and actionable learnings.

We will challenge preconceptions using humour, creativity and practical tools.

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We are also happy to chat about an alternative approach that is tailored to your specific circumstances and desired outcomes.

We love making it unique, as everyone is different.

For Individuals

Connect your will to be a more influential leader with your ability to make it happen.

Clarify your purpose, unlock your potential and amplify your impact.

Programs for individuals

For Organisations

Build your organisation’s influence by ensuring your leaders take a self-aware and strategic approach.

Discover tailored programs that will help you combine strategy with purpose, profit and social good.

Programs for Organisations

“The visibility training I had through Homeward Bound was absolutely crucial in helping me find my voice and giving me the necessary confidence to speak up to the people I have to be visible to.

The content offered is strategic and, at the same time, very practical.

I have many more tools I can use and I feel much more confident about not holding back!”

Natalie Unterstell

Member of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change which advises the President of Brazil on climate policy issues

Good intentions mean nothing unless you know how to execute them.

Visibility is the pathway to make your vision a reality.

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