Lessons we’ve learned from our unconventional work life that could help you right now

Women’s Agenda

March 24, 2020

When we started our business, Visibility Co, we set out to create a work life that worked for us as businesswomen… as well as mothers, daughters and friends.

We felt the divided concepts of “professional” and “personal” were archaic and led people (including us) to feel incongruent. The model needed an overhaul, so we decided to do things differently, taking an integrated approach to our life, leadership, strategy and communications.

Authenticity is an important value for both of us — and a critical element of leadership — so if we were guiding others on their values and leadership we needed to walk the talk.

To some, our approach has appeared unconventional over time, but since COVID-19 has hit, we’ve realised that aspects of our “normal normal” work-life may be helpful to others as they adjust to a “new normal”.

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