Become a visible bridge between climate, farming and government

Leadership + visibility strategy

Anika Molesworth

Farmer + Agro-Ecologist

Anika Molesworth found the vision, strategy and confidence to step into a unique role as a young woman and farmer; as scientist and climate change activist, as she shakes up science, agriculture and policy.

The Challenge

A passionate climate change advocate, Anika Molesworth wanted to improve awareness of and engagement with the topic of sustainable and climate-wise agricultural industries. However in order to do that, she knew she needed to become the best spokesperson she could possibly be.

Anika’s goal was to become a trusted spokesperson to help other people feel as connected to the climate issue as she did, and feel empowered to make change.

However, battling with conflicting emotions and demands that were draining her of her energy, Anika felt like she was being less effective in her work. She felt overwhelmed at the task facing her, and knew she needed help developing the skills and capabilities to make her a powerful advocate for the causes close to her heart.

The Solution

Anika first encountered Visibility Co through her participation in the Homeward Bound leadership initiative for women in STEMM. Visibility Co subsequently supported Anika with leadership and visibility advisory and strategy. Anika also joined Visibility Co’s Visibility for Influence Mastermind in August 2020.

From the outset, Visibility Co’s warm and engaging approach meant that Anika felt like she was being listened to. The questions they asked were deep and purposeful, which helped her to reflect on what she needed to do and devise visionary but achievable strategies.

The Result

Working with Visibility Co provided Anika with much greater clarity as to what she wanted her bigger-picture vision to add up to, and added firepower to her skills for bringing it to life. Success came quickly! Anika articulated her longer-term vision as becoming a bridge between the farming, science and policy communities, to future-proof the agricultural sector and contribute to the development of good climate policy. She developed clear visibility goals to activate her vision, including securing high-impact media appearances on CNN in the US, and Marie Claire, ABC’s The Drum and The Project in Australia, as well as being invited to give keynote presentations at major events like the inaugural Climate Emergency Summit. In March 2020, Anika was signed by PanMacmillan to write her first book and is currently working with Visibility Co on a visibility strategy to support the book to have greater impact and to support her future leadership aspirations.

Visibility Co reinstated and enhanced Anika’s sense of confidence in herself. She feels more resilient to the challenges she faces as a climate change advocate and has been able to use this greater belief in her own capabilities to say “yes” and “no” when it is needed.

“To change the world we must lift people up and help skilled and knowledgeable individuals have greater impact.

Visibility Co helps to do this. I think what Visibility Co is doing is truly admirable and is helping to make positive change. I highly recommend Visibility Co and their programs.”

Anika Molesworth

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