What we do


We will help you to build or lead your business or nonprofit by articulating the organisation's purpose, values, vision and strategy. With one eye trained on the immediate future and the other on the bigger picture, and using the Balanced Scorecard strategic framework, we will support you to identify the key priorities and put them to work straight away. Importantly, our strategies will never run to more than four pages.

From there, we assist you to bring your strategy to life, using a simple 100-day plan approach to break it into manageable steps. We'll assist you with regular reviews, provide coaching and support for implementation teams and insight on where to pivot, when it's necessary.

Along the way we can identify and support you to overcome cultural or leadership challenges, helping you to help your team be the best it can be.

VISIBILITY: Visibility is a core component across all of our work, be it personal, organisational or collective. Without first showing up and being visible to yourself, and building the strengths and self-belief inherent in that, you can’t be authentically visible to anyone else. It doesn't matter who you are: entrepreneur, leader, parent, change agent, executive, partner or mentor, the principles remain the same.

With more than 30 years' combined experience in media, marketing and communications, we know that a key gap, for both men and women, between the will to lead and achieve, and the ability to lead and achieve, is communicating effectively. A lack of visibility, and commonly, the drive to be purposefully visible, is a significant stumbling block in the way of all aspiring leaders. 

We will help you define your visibility and communication goals - be they individual or organisational - and then build a cohesive strategy. This covers becoming really clear on your goals; identifying the audiences and communities you need to connect with; crafting the messages you want to convey, and understanding which channels you'll need to use to communicate ... be they using social, media, strategic networking or a myriad of other communication techniques. We'll provide practical support and cheer you on as you get to the business of courageous visibility.

PERSONAL STRATEGY + COACHING: As certified and experienced coaches we will support you to articulate your purpose, values and vision, untangle unhelpful self-talk, manage anxiety and overwhelm and develop constructive modes of thinking and communication. A collaboration with global strategy expert, Kit Jackson, on personal strategy mapping, which she adapted from the Balanced Scorecard Methodology, provides an effective framework for creating and executing personal goals. Self-care and wellness will become part of your everyday practice. 

Our holistic approach to life, work and visibility is a fast-track method for achieving goals and creating personal and professional transformation.

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