What is Visibility?


Visibility combines self-aware and visionary leadership with authentic, strategic communications.

There are Three Pillars of Visibility. They apply to individuals, groups, organisations and movements.

Visibility can reframe and redirect the future for individuals, families, teams and causes. It can support people into new realms of leadership and achievement. It can also help solve some of the biggest problems facing the world, be they in leadership, business, government, science or health.

The Three Pillars of Visibility

  1. Visibility to Self: Knowing and showing up to yourself first. Articulating your purpose, values and vision and leading and living in alignment with them. Knowing how to work to your strengths and to face and work through your challenges and blindspots. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, choices and culture, where relevant.

  2. Visibility to Others: With the right foundations, you’re ready to step forward into the world with courage and authenticity, using a strategic mindset and powerful communications techniques to have impact.

  3. Collective Visibility: Using your or your organisation’s visibility as a platform for others: causes, collaborations, movements or social impact. Supporting wider interpersonal impact, thought leadership and influence.

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