Assess your visibility with our Visibility Mini-Audit


Sarah Anderson

Now that you understand what visibility is, you can move onto the critical step of assessing your own current visibility.

In keeping with the first phase of our Three Pillars of Visibility, visibility to self includes understanding where you are now, before moving forward into visibility strategy and activation —  a simple but commonly overlooked step in the process.

As with any good map, before navigating to the destination, you need to understand exactly where you are now. To do that, we take our clients through a Visibility Audit.

An Audit can be an in-depth facilitated assessment and report that our team puts together, taking weeks and diving into your own and others’ views on your current voice, visibility and impact. Or it can be a quicker self-guided process that walks you through many of the facets of visibility. To kickstart understanding your current visibility, we’re inviting you to complete a mini-audit.

This mini-audit includes key questions to help shed light on elements including:

- Your mindset around visibility: your hesitations, self-talk and trigger points

- Your leadership, influence and communications style

- The image and voice you’re projecting: whether it’s consistent and authentic

- Where your current strengths are and the skills you might like to develop. 

It provides the starting point from which you’ll build your courage and skills: your strategy and activation plan, and your support crew. Then, watch as your leadership, influence, communication and impact rise, and see the world around you light up in response!

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About Visibility Co.

Working at the intersection of leadership, strategy and visibility, we seek to be strategic provocateurs and catalysts of systemic change, supporting you to unleash the potential within so you can create a better world from wherever you are.

While we’re not big on labels, we’re often referred to as social impact and communications strategists, or strategic leadership advisors, or visibility experts.

Fancy words for a business, led by Julia May and Sarah Anderson, that brings together purposeful leadership, strategy and communications in truly integrative and innovative ways.

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