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Now that you’ve heard about our journey to becoming more visible, we invite you to embark on your own.

To celebrate the new-look (and feel) Visibility Co, we're launching a FREE eight-week Visibility Program valued at $990, exclusive to our email subscribers.

Over the next eight weeks we'll step you through the foundations of visibility, just as we do with our clients. We'll be sharing step-by-step guides and compelling case studies through our newsletter and hosting fortnightly live conversations on LinkedIn Live, where you can ask questions and share your breakthroughs.

So what’s included in this visibility foundations program?

What is visibility: understand the Three Pillars of Visibility

Purpose: clarify your ‘why’ as an individual leader

Vision: articulate a 12-month vision to guide daily decision-making

Visibility values: understand what’s important to you in being visible… and what’s not

Visibility audit: gain insights into your strengths, challenges and mindset around visibility, to inform the next phase of your leadership

By the end of the program you'll be clearer on what visibility really means, why you want to be visible and where some of your strengths and gaps might be, your purpose, vision and visibility values, and you’ll have completed a visibility audit, forming the basis for your own visibility strategy.

You'll receive super-practical tools, downloads and support, hear stories about our own experiences and get to know some of the extraordinary people we've collaborated with, and critically, have laid the foundations of being more visible to yourself so that when you do choose to step out into greater visibility, you feel authentic, grounded and as ready as you’ll ever be (because we know that it’s about choosing courage over confidence otherwise we might never leap!.

Each module will drop into your inbox each fortnight, via our regular newsletter, and will be supported by live Q&As via our socials.

So are you in? Here are your steps to join us:

1. SUBSCRIBE: sign up to our newsletter if you haven’t already

2. READ: keep an eye out for our mail in your inbox (add to your safe senders to it doesn’t go to spam or promotions)

3. FOLLOW: follow us on the socials: (our new!) Insta and LinkedIn

4. SHARE: help us deliver on our purpose of ‘elevating others to elevate others’, by sharing this invitation to join the free program with anyone you know who might benefit from reframing their 2021 strategy or unlocking their potential through visible leadership and influence.

This is a once-off opportunity: free visibility foundations we’d LOVE to elevate as many people into visibility as possible at a time when our world needs us all shining.

And make sure you share your experiences with the journey of visibility with us… just as it was for us, it’s the process, not just the outcomes, that make the story interesting.

About Visibility Co.

Working at the intersection of leadership, strategy and visibility, we seek to be strategic provocateurs and catalysts of systemic change, supporting you to unleash the potential within so you can create a better world from wherever you are.

While we’re not big on labels, we’re often referred to as social impact and communications strategists, or strategic leadership advisors, or visibility experts.

Fancy words for a business, led by Julia May and Sarah Anderson, that brings together purposeful leadership, strategy and communications in truly integrative and innovative ways.

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