Programs for individuals

Life and work are mutually dependent: if one is out of kilter, it’s likely the other will be impacted upon too. We work with purpose-driven individuals who have a desire to step into their greatest potential and lead in life, at work and in the wider world.

As strategists, we know that a considered and well-articulated strategy creates the foundation for a more purposeful and impactful life and work. As communicators, we know that visibility is an enabler for both personal development and external achievement. As coaches and facilitators we combine vision, pragmatism, optimism and advocacy to help people and organisations take unprecedented leaps forward.

We offer individual programs across the Three Pillars of Visibility.

Program components include:

  • In-person retreats at either our coastal or city headquarters (where geographically possible)

  • Regular coaching calls

  • WhatsApp and email coaching access

  • Strategy development

  • Strategic advisory across life, work, health and communications

Level One:
Visibility to Self


Understand the deeper reason for wanting to lead or live differently. Build resilience, courage and a toolkit for taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings + choices.

  • Purpose, values, vision, strengths and self-talk: The core foundations for authentic, empowered leadership.

  • Personal strategy map: A one-page, holistic plan that incorporates yourself, your work or vocation and your relationships. Get clear on the trade-offs and non-negotiables.

  • Develop a strategic mindset: Forge new habits and develop a self-sustaining practice that feeds all areas of your life.

  • 100-day plan: Translate your personal strategy into a practical 100-day plan with clear goals and priorities.

Level Two:
Visibility to Others


Take your purpose and vision into the world using authentic leadership and impactful communication.

  • Visibility audit: Gain detailed insight into how your audiences perceive you and your strengths, challenges, opportunities and risks

  • Leadership development: Cultivate a strategic mindset, improve your influencing skills and build healthy and collaborative cultures.

  • Visibility strategy + implementation: Articulate your key communication goals, audiences messages and channels. Build skills and create amazing content, learn how to engage with media, on social or be an effective public speaker.

  • Personal branding: Unlock your personal brand DNA and enable it to be authentic rather than feeling manufactured

Level Three: Collective Visibility


Aimed at people or organisations with existing visibility, this program strategically amplifies purpose + voice and, in many cases, builds national or global influence.

  • Energy work: making use of deeper levels of self-awareness for self-management and greater influence

  • Advanced diagnostics, including 360-degree feedback.

  • Advanced personal strategy mapping, taking vision and outcomes to a higher level.

  • Higher-level visibility strategy, including (but not limited to):

  • Advanced personal brand work

  • Thought leadership

  • Partnerships strategy

From the moment I articulated my purpose some of the biggest opportunities of my life and career have flowed. Strategically I have never been clearer about the impact I wish to have on the world of sport, and the ways in which I want to make a difference. I have truly found my voice and am using it.”
Jessica Halloran, Journalist and author of best-selling memoir, Jelena Dokic: Unbreakable