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Julia May

Julia is co-founder and director of Visibility Co.

She brings a rich experience in business, leadership, coaching, visibility, communications and strategy, and knows that inside every person is a deeper purpose, a bigger vision and a resonant voice just waiting to be heard.

She was previously the head of the global women’s project at Dattner Grant, a specialist leadership consultancy, and managed Compass, their national women’s leadership program. She coached and facilitated hundreds of women in a transformational leadership setting, supporting them to articulate their purpose, values and vision, reframe their self-talk and build key communication and strategic skills.

Julia spent 12 years as a journalist, writing mostly for The Age but also working in print and broadcast with BRW, the ABC, The Times and Reuters in London. During five years as Fairfax’s London correspondent, and later as a social affairs writer, she gained a deep understanding of the power of storytelling to both empower and disempower. An appetite for helping others to reframe their narrative led her to retrain as a coach, working with individuals and organisations to overcome the roadblocks in the way of their best path. Julia ran her own practice specialising in personal and career transition and communications strategy, applying her mix of compassion and pragmatism as a trusted adviser and always encouraging men and women to play big, rather than small.

She is a global leadership team member of Homeward Bound, a ten-year global outreach project focused on leadership, visibility and strategy for women in science, which culminates in a three-week journey to Antarctica. Homeward Bound aims to bring 1,000 women into leadership as it informs the state of the planet. Julia co-created the visibility program for the project and was on the first voyage, in December 2016, as a coach and facilitator for the 76 women leaders on board.

Julia's top four values are justice, compassion, courage and making a difference.

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Sarah Anderson

Sarah is co-founder and director of Visibility Co.

Sarah takes an evolved approach to communications and marketing, putting values alignment and authenticity at the heart of her philosophy. She is passionate about inclusive, collaborative engagement and the ability of social and digital to elevate people and organisations.

As a communications, marketing, brand, social and digital media strategist Sarah has deep experience across corporate, non-profit and government sectors in Australia and internationally. Sarah has worked with big and small businesses and award-winning leaders, leveraging the latest and most exciting frontiers of communication and technology.

She has spent most of her career working in a strategic and coaching capacity with leaders and multinational organisations, to help them build their visibility and engage in meaningful dialogue with employees, customers, stakeholders, influencers, peers and the public. She has led communications, social media and brand teams within both small and large-scale operations.

Sarah has increasingly focused on helping women become more visible through purpose-driven communications and leadership. As the head of social and digital communications at ANZ, Sarah co-created the Notable Women program, empowering and equipping female executives with the communications and digital skills to power their visibility, realising powerful breakthroughs and progression. She headed up ANZ’s social + digital transformation program, leading the bank to be the social and digital leader it is today.

Sarah is also part of the global leadership team for Homeward Bound, co-creating the visibility program, and also leads the communications and digital strategy, having supported the project to reach some 500 million people globally. She will be on the second voyage to Antarctica, in February 2018.

Sarah's top four values are authenticity, courage, fairness and creativity.

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